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Multi-Patch, Inc.
“Zero Math & Square on Point Quilt Rulers”

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Welcome to Multi-Patch

Originator of
the “Zero Math Quilt Rulers” & the “Square on Point Quilt Ruler.”

These quilt rulers were specifically designed to create accurate Square, Rectangle, Half Square Triangle, Quarter Square Triangle and Square on Point patches.

Yes, the quilt rulers take a totally different approach. There are no inches or fractions on the quilt rulers. The numbered dash lines on the quilt rulers are positioned (including the 1/4” seam allowances) based on the portion of the block each individual patch spans (See Reading Traditional Quilt Blocks and Reading Square on Point Quilt Blocks). Because the quilt rulers are not limited to the typical 1/8” increments found on most quilt rulers, the dash lines are precisely positioned which enable you to cut accurately sized patches every time.

When you start with an accurately sized quilt patch
the assembly of the quilt block and the quilt are significantly faster.

The “Zero Math Quilt Rulers
come in 5 Finished Block sizes (6”, 8”, 9”, 10” & 12”).
the “Zero Math Quilt Rulers Overview

Easily size or scale your block to your quilt project.
For example if you wanted a 9 patch finished block to be 10” simply use the
10” finished quilt block ruler and it automatically sizes the patches to fit.

The “Square on Point Quilt Ruler”
creates square on point patches for all 5 finished quilt block sizes.
All square on point patches are cut on straight of grain.
the “Square on Point Quilt Ruler Overview”.

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