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Corn and Beans  Pattern

Most Traditional Quilt Blocks are comprised of:
Square, Rectangle, Half Square Triangle,
Quarter Square Triangle and Square on Point Patches.

To read a block first identify each individual Patch Type within the block.
Then simply estimate what portion of the block each individual patch spans
 (1/2, 1/3, 1/4 etc).

The Corn and Beans Quilt Block Pattern Diagram below shows
each patch type and the portion of the block each patch spans.

Once you are able to identify each patch type
and estimate the portion of the block each patch spans
you will be able to create the block without a pattern.

 Using the Zero Math & Square on Point Quilt Rulers
you will be able to create or design your own block and
resize (or scale) the quilt block to your quilt project.

Patch Type Abbreviations

HSR = Half Square Rectangle
HST = Half Square Triangle
QST = Quarter Square Triangle
SOP = Square on Point
SQ  = Square

Corn and Beans

Patch Span
1/2 of Block
1/3 of Block
1/4 of Block
1/5 of Block
1/6 of Block
1/7 of Block
1/8 of Block

Corn and Beans Finished Block Sizes:
6”, 8”, 9”, 10” or 12”


Dash Line

For more detailed Instructions go to
the “Zero Math Quilt Rulers Overview” &
the “Square on Point Quilt Ruler Overview”.

Corn and Beans Pattern Diagram

Corn and Beans OL

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