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Diagonal Backing Calculator

Measure Quilt Top Width & Length
Measure Backing Fabric Width
Decide Amount of Overhang You Want For Backing

Enter Measurements Below
(round up to whole inches)

Quilt Top Width

Quilt Top Length

Backing Fabric Width

Backing Overhang Each Side

Note: This calculator uses a formula which was
developed by John Flynn of Flynn Quilt Frame Co

Cutting Instructions Below


Cut backing fabric to length indicated by calculator.
Lay fabric wrong side up on floor.


Fold fabric diagonally and cut along the fold using scissors or a rotary cutter & mat, creating 2 triangular pieces of fabric.

Note: I place a cutting mat under the fold and rotary cut about 1/16” in from fold. Repositioning mat until fold is completely cut.


Place the 2 triangular pieces wrong side up as shown above.


Slide 1 triangular piece down until the desired width & length of backing is attained. 
Note: Measure top to bottom and side to side thru centers to verify backing will be the desired size. Trim off ears and sew pieces together using a 1/2” seam.

Limitation - backing size is limited to 150% of backing fabric width. For example if the backing fabric is 42” wide you could create up to a 63” wide backing.

Below are Links to 3 Different Examples of Quilt Backing Layouts
which Utlize Diagonal Cut Backing.

Single Diagonal Backing

Double Diagonal Backing

Single Diagonal Backing with Straight Borders

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