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“Zero Math & Square on Point Quilt Rulers”

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Zero Math Quilt Ruler Overview

The “Zero Math Quilt Rulers” come in
5 finished block sizes (6”, 8”, 9”, 10” & 12”).

Each quilt ruler has 3 cutting edges.

A Square Cutting Edge labeled in Black used to cut Square and Rectangular Patches.

A Half Square Triangle Cutting Edge labeled in Green used to cut Half Square Triangle Patches.

A Quarter Square Triangle Cutting Edge labeled in Red used to cut Quarter Square Triangle Patches.

Zero Math Quilt Ruler/s


There are only 3 things you need to know
to be able to use the Zero Math Quilt Rulers.

1.) What size you want your finished block to be? You can resize or scale the block to your project. Simply select the size (6”, 8”, 9”, 10” or 12”) finished block quilt ruler for your project.

2.) What Type Patch you want to make? The patch type (Square, Rectangle, Half Square Triangle and Quarter Square Triangle) determines the cutting edge to use on the “Zero math Quilt Rulers”.

The long edge of a half square triangle patch is
never parallel with the side of the block.

The long edge of a quarter square triangle patch is
always parallel with the side of the block.

3.) What portion of the block the individual patch spansThe numbered dash lines on the “Zero Math Quilt Rulers” are precisely positioned including the 1/4” seam allowances based on the portion of the block that specific patch spans. For example if the patch spans 1/3 of the block it would take 3 of these patches to go across the block so the number 3 dash line would be used for the patch type you want to cut.

Patch Span
1/2 of Block
1/3 of Block
1/4 of Block
1/5 of Block
1/6 of Block
1/7 of Block
1/8 of Block


Dash Line

There are no inches or fractions on the “Zero Math Quilt Rulers”. 
The numbers on the rulers are based on patch count.

For Examples See:

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